During Arlene Gale’s 30-year writing career she coached personal clients along with writing her own international award-winning, #1 best-selling book. She understands the tremendous value of an accountability partner through the writing process. Arlene will move you past your writing blocks and take you from start to finish in the writing process so you achieve your goals and meet your deadlines. She uses her passion for writing, and her proven step-by-step process, to help others succeed with each writing project.

Arlene’s Writing Coach services are unique in the book writing world, because she provides services to fit your specific needs. She personally customizes an approach and design to meet you where you are on your book-writing journey. She helps YOU succeed as a first-time writer with an idea or complete manuscript, or as a published author seeking guidance on the next book project. Arlene’s personalized coaching programs focus on getting YOU a high quality book that reflects your credibility and expertise. Her coaching programs are NOT a “One Size Fit’s All” approach — Instead, each program is personally designed to meet your specific goals to best showcase your knowledge and expertise, and open doors to many more opportunities.

Quick Start Book Project

30-Day Coaching Program

  • Questionnaire Evaluation and Review
  • Initial Personalized Coaching Call (1) Hour:
    Discuss Questionnaire, Initial Brainstorming of Goals, Overview of Book Proposal and Marketing Requirements, Create Action Items
  • Status Update Coaching Call (1) Hour:
    Discuss Action Items Status, Brainstorming, Troubleshooting, and Layout Next Action Steps
  • Unlimited Email Access (30 Days)

Total Value: $1,500
Special Offer: $897

Book Writing Project Launch

3-Month Coaching Program

  • Questionnaire Evaluation and Review
  • Coaching Call #1: Personalized Questionnaire Evaluation
    Discuss Questionnaire, Initial Brainstorming of Goals, Overview of Book Proposal and Marketing Requirements to Work On, Create Action Items (1 Hour)
  • Coaching Call #2: Status Update & Plan Next Steps:
    Discuss Accountability to Action Items Status, Brainstorm Target Market Considerations, Begin Developing a Marketing Action Plan, Write Author Expertise Focused Bio, Create Working Title and Subtitle, Layout Next Action Steps (1 Hour)
  • Coaching Call #3: Marketing Evaluation & Consideration for Book Outline
    Discuss Accountability to Action Items Status, Fine-tune Marketing Campaign Funnel, Fine-tune Potential Marketing List and Action Plan, Write Back Cover Book Summary, Begin Outline of Book Foundation, Create Action Items (1 Hour)
  • Coaching Call #4: Book Building
    Discuss Accountability to Action Items Status, Assess Book Outline Layout, Overall Book Outline, Possible Cover Ideas, Create Action Items (1 Hour)
  • Coaching Call #5: Deeper Dive into Book Writing
    Discuss Accountability to Action Items Status, Book Outline Assessment, Chapter Outline Development, List of Supplemental Materials Needed, Create Action Items (1 Hour)
  • Coaching Call #6: Time Line Wrap Up
    Discuss Accountability to Action Items Status, Chapter by Chapter Book Writing Communication & Review, Fine-tuning Marketing Plan Create Action Items, Assess Overall progress and What’s Next (1 Hour)
  • Unlimited Email Access for Entire 3 Months

Total Value: $4,500
Special Offer: $1,997

(Payment Plan Available Upon Request)

VIP Book Writing Success Package

Personalized VIP Day + 3-Month Coaching Program

  • Includes Everything in 3-Month Program Listed Above
  • PLUS ADD a BONUS Coaching Call after Call #2 or #3: Discuss VIP Day Agenda, Schedule & Overview, Materials Needed (1 Hour)
  • VIP 1-Day On-Site Personalized Coaching Day Includes*
  • This is a Hands-On, Interactive, Results Oriented Process
  • Work with the Book Writing Formula & Personalized Guidance
  • Ultimate Goal is Outline Overall Book and Chapters
  • As Time Permits: Review Target Market and Overview of Marketing Plan
  • Location Options:
    On-Site Location in Dallas/Ft Worth Area OR
    Client’s location with Arlene’s travel expenses paid

Total Value: $6,500
Special Offer: $2,997

(Payment Plan Available Upon Request)

* Additional VIP Days: $1,500 per day

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If you’re ready to take your business to a new level, Arlene is the one to have at your side! She will teach you everything you need to know to fine-tune your written message and market your business. Once I knew what I was doing, it was fun! Do yourself a favor and give her a call! I love everything I learned with tips and tools to grow my business. Thank you, Arlene!
– C. Kindinger

I’m so grateful to Arlene for helping me write a powerful marketing plan! I already implemented many of her suggestions for my business. I’m so much more confident and finally have a marketing strategy I know will work! Thank You, Arlene!!!
S. Daniels

Arlene Gale is a powerhouse of writing skill. Ideas popped out of her head faster than I could write them down. She is amazing! Arlene’s enthusiasm is infectious. I also appreciate how she built my confidence. I have gone from sitting with my fingers on the keyboard terrified, because I didn’t know what to write to calmly implementing the ideas and strategies Arlene laid out. Incredibly, she has made writing fun. I never believed that was possible! I can’t encourage you enough to contact Arlene for writing to grow your business. The coaching she gives will monetize your business and increase your revenue. That’s what it has done for my business!
– E. Fowler

I meet with Arlene weekly to coach me in writing my book. She advised me on character development, plot development, story line continuity, and held me accountable to my schedule and time line. It was a lot easier for me to find (make) time to write when I knew I was meeting with Arlene to be held accountable. Plus she’s a great writer and coach!
– A. Stone