Written Communication is the Foundation
for Building Business Success . . . From Marketing to Sales!

When most people think of written business communication to build credibility and profits, the first thing that comes to mind these days is writing a Big Best Seller book. While this book format can indeed help to build a six figure and beyond income, if done correctly, there’s so much more:

  • There are many book formats besides the Big Best Seller to grow profits and clients for a business such as: website-based books, mini-marketing books, and tip books. Each of these book formats are key elements to business development, for example, if you have a website but no book attached to it, you’re leaving money on the table and clients in the dark.
  • Other written materials for success building include powerful website content, clear and consistent social media content on the right platforms, video strategic plans, short-term and long-term actionable business goals, and written marketing materials for both internal and external business use.

Seamlessly connecting with your exact target market by writing the premier business book to feature your expert brand and other marketing content will create tremendous return on investment. How? By opening doors of opportunities to access more: visibility, credibility, media, clients, and profits.


Writing Services

Open the door to discover how Arlene Gale combines marketing and writing expertise to help write hundreds of books to earn clients millions of dollars. You’re invited into a world where Arlene helps people just like you to actually write your book and use it to build a business.

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Looking for a dynamic, fun, and informative professional expert to speak at your next event? Arlene Gale has decades of speaking experience on topics that revolve around book writing and marketing for business building and increasing profits with improved, consistent business communication, marketing, and sales techniques.

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The Book Writing Business Services Are For You If . . .

  • You have tons of business content from years of experience and want help prioritizing it for a book to expand power and profits in your current marketplace.
  • You have great expertise in one marketplace and want to transfer that knowledge into building business in a related marketplace through strategically planned book content and general marketing.
  • You are new to business and want to write a book and other business branding and marketing text to position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • You want to create a powerful step-by-step marketing plan before your book is started and fine-tuned to maximize readership and profits when the book is published. It’s too late to do this step once the book is published (and that’s one of the biggest mistakes most writers make).
  • You need to organize clear, consistent, and dynamic content for online visibility, and other communication that sells without being sales-y.
  • You need a cohesive marketing plan for business growth and profit with quality marketing materials.

Take the next step toward creating more powerful and profitable marketing from writing a Big Best Seller to leverage your expertise – and so much more.

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