If it needs writing, Arlene Gale “The Book Writing Business Coach” can do it! Through her passion for writing and her step-by-step writing programs, Arlene works with professionals to write and market top quality books for leveraging their business expertise and growing business profits. 

Arlene has 30 years of professional writing and international speaking experience. Her writing services range from working with a client as a writing coach and accountability partner, a co-author, or a “ghostwriter.” She offers a full range of writing and marketing services, which also include editing, best-seller campaigns, business development strategy, how to sell without being sales-y, as well as speaker training and visuals preparation.

Arlene helped write hundreds of books to earn her clients millions of dollars in new business. She can duplicate these results with people who have been in business a long time and have a lot of content or those who are starting their own business and need to create branding and content to showcase their expertise. 

Arlene is an international professional speaker with experience hosting workshops for audiences of two dozen people to corporate conferences hosting up to 500 attendees. Arlene is a professional member of the highly acclaimed Nation Speakers Association. She was nominated for the “Fabulous Speaker of the Year Award” in 2017 by the Public Speakers Association. Through the years, Arlene helped clients win international, national, state, and local awards for their products and services.

Arlene’s 8th book “Book Business Blueprint: Build Credibility, Stand Out From the Competition, and Skyrocket Sales By Writing Your Book” became a Number 1 Best New Release and Number 1 Best Seller in less than 10 hours after release. It is the basis of several of her workshops and speaking topics. Arlene’s non-fiction book “Face Forward Move Forward” is a multiple international and national award winner, as well as peer review award winner. It was an Amazon.com “#1 Best New Release” in four categories and “#1 Best Seller” in those same four categories. The book stayed in the top 100 book sales in these categories for a year. 

During her extensive career, Arlene has also more than a thousand technical trade and feature length magazine articles, hundreds of advertisements, content for multiple social media platforms, website content, and more.

She earned a B.S. in Advertising/Public Relations, with a minor in radio, television, film and a Masters in Marketing with a specialization in communications. In 2016, the national SCORE office recognized Arlene’s writing business with a “Small Business Champions Award.” 

On a personal note: Arlene lives in a rural part of North Texas with her husband of more than three decades and two sons. Her life includes managing a flock of chickens, a dozen sheep, two donkeys, a dog, and countless other wildlife both invited (rabbits and squirrels) and uninvited, but wander through (snakes and skunks). 

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