Assessing what to do differently in 2018 to grow business

As 2017 winds down and 2018 is about to begin, it’s normal to assess what to do differently in the new year. This post is focused on a tool to grow your business in 2018: Your Book. Business owners should be assessing: Did I do the amount of business I wanted to do this year? Rarely is the answer to this question, “Yes.” Most business owners come to the answer, “No” because either they didn’t do as well as they’d like or they did well, but aren’t willing to settle for that’s all there is. Therefore, the question is: What to do differently to get better results, which means increasing the number of clients and generating greater income.

I offer a solution that will do both: Book more business in 2018 by writing a book to leverage your expertise and share it with the world.

A well written and marketed book in and of itself can provide the writer with increased credibility if the quality is such that it casts a positive light on the writer. Good quality means the book’s message is properly focused for a specific target market, the story told has a solid, interesting, and logical flow, the writing is cohesive, and the editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation is solid. Also, the cover needs to be professional quality. And finally, the first thing people see is the title and subtitle, so these need to attract the attention of the correct target market with an accurate promise of what’s written inside.

If a book is missing any of these, the quality suffers, and if the printing quality is poor, too, a book can actually damage a professional reputation. I’ve worked with several clients who came to me after the fact and wanted to know why their book wasn’t selling. They missed a step or two listed above. Fixing this kind of oversight or omission is costly in both time and money.

However, once a quality book is published and selling, the author will begin to get positive reviews from readers, which provides third party credibility. These kinds of endorsements of a business expert’s knowledge are priceless.

A properly market positioned book will open doors to access not just more clients, but the exact clients who want and need your specific services. A published book provides the writer with a marketing reach beyond their own neighborhood, country, and in fact, opens up a world of possibilities, as well as access to more quality clients, all which lead to increased income opportunities.

A properly written book can also provide more speaking opportunities, filling up workshop seats, and other professionals seeking you out for joint venture possibilities, to name a few advantages. A book can also open up access to media coverage of your business expertise.

It boils down to one final question: Who should write a book to grow their business? Every business expert should write a quality, marketable book. If you started a business, you did so believing yourself to be an expert who could provide clients with a system, process, or service unlike others in the same industry. That makes you an expert. If you have a story to tell in the form of a memoir, you are the expert of that story, too. If you are a life coach, a speaker, health and fitness coach, technical expert, industry expert, or other professional, you need a book.

An updated business marketing plan for the new year should include writing a book to highlight your services, grow your client base, and increase income.

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