Why won’t my book sell?

I was asked after a workshop a weeks ago: “Why won’t my book sell?” There are many directions I could go to answer this question such as: Did you build a good marketing foundation and goals from the start? Did you spend the time and money to hire a quality editor and cover artists? But the direction this person went was: “I put my book on Amazon.com, but it isn’t selling.”

Let me go back to the basics with this:

A book is an inanimate object and therefore, it will not sell itself. The author is required to let the world know their book is out there and... Read More

Why do costs for writing and editing services vary so much?

Prospective clients interview me and ask, “Why do costs for writing and editing services vary so much?”

Many variables go into answering this question and in the cost for services, too. Some considerations for overall cost of services:

  • Experience of service provider
  • Depth of services required
  • Length of project (number of pages)
  • Project quality
  • Project deadline

For instance, writing coaches, ghostwriters, and editors are going to charge more based on work experience and work load. A professional with 20-plus years of experience will charge more than a professional with two or three years of experience. And they should. The more experienced professional can do a better job in less time, in most cases, there... Read More

What’s the difference between a writing coach and a ghostwriter?

Prospective clients ask me, “What’s the difference between a writing coach and a ghostwriter?” There are many differences ranging from the amount of time either invests in a writing project, the amount of actual writing done, and the costs for services, to name a few.

Writing coaches work with the client to help develop the book theme, outline, and a content plan. The writing coach helps the client, who is the writer, set and achieve writing goals for a period of time during which the coach is hired. To clarify, the client is the actual writer. The range of services the writing coach offers differs based on each coach... Read More

Can I rework my book into a screenplay?

With so many stories going from book to the big screen, I’m often asked: Can I rework my book into a screenplay? There is nothing wrong with wanting to see your story on the big screen. The prospect is very exciting. But there is a huge difference between the technical format and function of a book versus a screenplay. Each format requires a different set of skills and perspectives.

In books, the author uses words alone to paint the picture. In a movie, the sets, character’s physical appearance, costumes, and lighting, for example, are integral parts of the story, but don’t get written into the screenplay.
Read More

How do I write a book my clients will read?

“How do I write a book my clients will read?” is a question I get when speaking to business people. Some have never written a book and others have written many books. The answer to the question is the same nonetheless. For those who want to write a book and haven’t yet, please let this post be a cautionary tale to learn from.

The burden of reaching clients and keeping them on the hook to read a book falls directly onto the shoulders of the writer. To start with, goals must be wrapped up with clarity about who the reader really is based on factors such as age, gender,... Read More

Should I write my memoir?

“Should I write a memoir?” I believe everyone has a story to tell and most should write their story down whether for self-reflection or publication.

Writing your story has tremendous value, for instance, if it can help make sense of past events. Sometimes laying out a bigger, more complete picture from seemingly random events, or traumas, can allow for clarity to emerge. Or it can provide direction and choices for what comes next.

If you have a story to tell that will heal, inspire, motivate, or teach, that story needs to get written by an expert. And if you lived that story, who is more of... Read More

Do I need to write about the business I’m passionate about?

Since today is about love and passion I thought I’d apply it to book writing by answering the question: Do I need to write about the business I’m passionate about? Like love, which is sometimes mushy, my answer is kind of mushy, too: Yes. No. Maybe so.

Even though my mother tried to teach me never to answer a question with a question, I have to sometimes. For instance, how will you answer any of these questions?

  • If you are passionate about the business you’re in, do you want to share your skills, your processes, your systems with more clients?
  • Do you want to do business... Read More

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