Get to Know Your Customer Day

Happy Get to Know Your Customer Day!

With all the noise on so many social media platforms, combined with hundreds of business start-ups every day, it seems like people aren’t giving much thought to who their customer is any more. Too many businesses are trying to be “all things to all people” and therefore not speaking clearly to or reaching anyone. This is not a viable business strategy. It’s exhausting, expensive, and unsustainable.

First, you decide who you specifically want to serve and with what unique skill set. Then begin to do just that. With each and every client ask them to put into... Read More

Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

National Good Neighbor Day celebrates the importance of having and being a good neighbor.

Do you ever ask a neighbor to feed your dog, cat, or hamster while you’re on vacation? Maybe you trade helping each other out this way? My neighbor fed and watered my dog, two donkeys, 12 sheep (including two lambs), and a dozen chickens while I was out of town for almost four weeks this summer. She’s done this for my family for a decade. We take care of her dogs and longhorn cattle while she’s out of town, too. Win-Win!

Can you top the donkey-sheep-chicken-sitting neighbor story? Take a moment this weekend to... Read More

Happy National Pecan Cookie Day

Across the United States people are asking each other: “Are you a Pe-Can or a Pe-Can’t!” Well, maybe it’s just a Texas thing when I get with my northern family members who say pee-can to my pee-con! Anyway, let’s celebrate National Pecan Cookie Day, no matter how you pronounce it!

There are many cookie and cake recipes made better because of the pecan: chocolate chip, oatmeal, brownies, banana nut bread, and more. What’s your favorite way to eat a pecan?

For more info and to get a FREE gift go to:

Pecans are unassuming and delicious to eat straight out of the shell... Read More

National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day celebrates how we don’t have to leave our homes or offices, deal with airport or traffic delays, or get all dressed up to go to a conference to learn.

Online classes are growing. As a matter of fact, I have two online classes with more coming soon: 4-week self-paced book writing success formula course and a 12-week hands-on interactive group coaching program to teach how to write a powerful and profitable book. With these courses people all over the world in any time zone can achieve success – in their PJs with a midnight snack if they want!

For more info on online courses and to get a... Read More

Happy September Birthday Authors!

I love to read and celebrate writing, so I’ve learned about some of my favorite authors. This month we celebrate the birthdays and accomplishments of Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie, and Stephen King. What a mix, right? It may be that September birthdays may be all they have in common? Or not? What do you know and like about these authors? What have you read that was written by any of them that you would recommend?

To get a FREE gift go to:

Most people recognize this author’s books-turned-movies, but haven’t read the books. Sad because the books are much better when compared to the movies. No doubt you’ve seen... Read More

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day dates back to a time when we celebrated the labor movement and achievements of American workers who are the backbone and success of our free trade capitalist economic structure. Labor Day started in 1882 in New York City by a Labor Union. It became a federal holiday in 1894, but before that it was considered a “strike day” for the unions to get members an extra day off of work.

The laborers at that time were working an average of 70 hours per week, seven days a week. Work conditions were horrible, unhealthy, and unsafe in most factories; that is why and how unions formed. Our Labor Day National... Read More

Why do costs for writing and editing services vary so much?

Prospective clients interview me and ask, “Why do costs for writing and editing services vary so much?”

Many variables go into answering this question and in the cost for services, too. Some considerations for overall cost of services:

  • Experience of service provider
  • Depth of services required
  • Length of project (number of pages)
  • Project quality
  • Project deadline

For instance, writing coaches, ghostwriters, and editors are going to charge more based on work experience and work load. A professional with 20-plus years of experience will charge more than a professional with two or three years of experience. And they should. The more experienced professional can do a better job in less time, in most cases, there... Read More

What’s the difference between an editor and a beta reader?

Following my last few posts on editing, I’ve gotten this question: What's the difference between an editor and a beta reader?
Beta readers are not professional editors and professional editors are not beta readers. Before someone finds offense, let me clarify this is most often the case and there are exceptions to every rule. For example, an editor may offer to work as a beta reader on a friend’s book or as an author’s fan. However, to confuse the experience and jobs of the editor and the beta reader or to settle for working with one over the other is a mistake, which sacrifices quality. Both serve a... Read More

What questions to ask an editor before hiring?

What questions to ask an editor before hiring? How to find a good editor is a matter of the writer asking questions related to experience, process, work ethic, costs, schedule, and sometimes it really can come down to personalities.

Knowledge is gained by asking how long the editor has worked as an editor. If the editor has repeat business and longevity, there is value for the writer. Also, check out social media to see if there is a presence and are there positive reviews on their page. If that doesn’t provide credibility, ask for references. You may get this answer in different forms. Don’t expect to get client phone... Read More

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