Get to Know Your Customer Day

Happy Get to Know Your Customer Day!

With all the noise on so many social media platforms, combined with hundreds of business start-ups every day, it seems like people aren’t giving much thought to who their customer is any more. Too many businesses are trying to be “all things to all people” and therefore not speaking clearly to or reaching anyone. This is not a viable business strategy. It’s exhausting, expensive, and unsustainable.

First, you decide who you specifically want to serve and with what unique skill set. Then begin to do just that. With each and every client ask them to put into... Read More

Happy National Day of Encouragement

Sept. 10 -- National Day of Encouragement is dedicated to uplifting people around us personally and professionally, and making a positive impact in our world, in our way. Let’s make a goal to be shining examples of how we are better together.

Do you need encouragement? Do you know someone who needs encouragement? Someone who needs to feel like they are seen and heard, or like they and their stories matter? Share this post.

For more info on online courses and to get a FREE gift go to:

Plan deliberate acts of encouragement for reassurance and inspiration, today and every day. It will make you... Read More

Why won’t my book sell?

I was asked after a workshop a weeks ago: “Why won’t my book sell?” There are many directions I could go to answer this question such as: Did you build a good marketing foundation and goals from the start? Did you spend the time and money to hire a quality editor and cover artists? But the direction this person went was: “I put my book on, but it isn’t selling.”

Let me go back to the basics with this:

A book is an inanimate object and therefore, it will not sell itself. The author is required to let the world know their book is out there and... Read More

When do I start marketing my book?

When do I start marketing my book? The unpopular, unexpected, unappreciated, and sometimes unheeded answer is book marketing begins before the first word of the book is written.

The result, if this marketing advice goes unheeded, is a writer invests a lot of time and money into writing and publishing a book that has no clear message, no clear purpose, and no clear aim at a specific client base. This makes the book virtually unmarketable and therefore unsellable. So, if you want to write and publish a sellable book, marketing is key from the beginning.

Marketing is basically the act of letting the right people... Read More

How to “Write your book in a day”

“Let’s write a book in a day!” Got your attention? That’s the point. The statement draws clients in with promises of instant success, while the promiser makes money and up sells more services. This business strategy plays out every day on social media advertisements for webinars and workshops promising to help write a book in a day, or a weekend.

“Wow! Sign me up!” I’ve written a thousand magazine articles and each one took longer than that. I’ve written and coached writing for dozens of full length books. It took more time than a weekend to do market research or outline the chapters, much less create a top-quality... Read More

Do I need to write a book proposal?

Yes! Every nonfiction author should write a book proposal. Many people might say a book proposal is only for submitting a manuscript to an agent or mainstream publisher. For nonfiction authors, a book proposal serves the same purpose as a business plan. It provides a direction for the road to success. I’ll argue the information that goes into a book proposal is a valuable exercise for a writer to undertake for gathering market research, creating an organized, detailed book outline, and compiling an author bio with unique qualifications. 

As noted, book proposals are used to sell nonfiction books to agents and publishers prior to writing the entire book. If... Read More

Aren’t marketing, advertising, public relations and sales the same thing?

The short answer is, “No.” People who use these terms inconsistently and interchangeably, are (there is no easy way to say this) just plain wrong. Marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales have very different goals, purposes, and income or expenses related to each, for example. It is appropriate, or inappropriate, to do one or another at different times, or in different venues.

First, let there be no doubt that marketing is the key! Marketing is the basis, the foundation, for the success of the rest. Marketing is communicating and delivering products or services to a predetermined target audience through a mix of price, place and promotion.

Read More

Why Write (Part 2)?

“Why Write (Part 1)” was about finding and harnessing passion to write your book. Today’s blog is about defining your book goals. A clear understanding of what to do with the book once it’s written helps define and refine writing timeline, budget, target market, short-term and long-term marketing plan, and more. 

I specialize in writing nonfiction; therefore, I help business people answer the goals question from the very beginning. Here are some examples I get. Most people want to write a book as an additional marketing tool to position themselves as an expert in a professional field. Others want a book to generate another line of income. There are... Read More

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