Aren’t marketing, advertising, public relations and sales the same thing?

The short answer is, “No.” People who use these terms inconsistently and interchangeably, are (there is no easy way to say this) just plain wrong. Marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales have very different goals, purposes, and income or expenses related to each, for example. It is appropriate, or inappropriate, to do one or another at different times, or in different venues.

First, let there be no doubt that marketing is the key! Marketing is the basis, the foundation, for the success of the rest. Marketing is communicating and delivering products or services to a predetermined target audience through a mix of price, place and promotion.

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Why Write (Part 2)?

“Why Write (Part 1)” was about finding and harnessing passion to write your book. Today’s blog is about defining your book goals. A clear understanding of what to do with the book once it’s written helps define and refine writing timeline, budget, target market, short-term and long-term marketing plan, and more. 

I specialize in writing nonfiction; therefore, I help business people answer the goals question from the very beginning. Here are some examples I get. Most people want to write a book as an additional marketing tool to position themselves as an expert in a professional field. Others want a book to generate another line of income. There are... Read More

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