Do I need to write about the business I’m passionate about?

Since today is about love and passion I thought I’d apply it to book writing by answering the question: Do I need to write about the business I’m passionate about? Like love, which is sometimes mushy, my answer is kind of mushy, too: Yes. No. Maybe so.

Even though my mother tried to teach me never to answer a question with a question, I have to sometimes. For instance, how will you answer any of these questions?

  • If you are passionate about the business you’re in, do you want to share your skills, your processes, your systems with more clients?
  • Do you want to do business beyond the boundaries of your own community?
  • Do you want to do business in more places around the country? Share your business passion with clients around the world?
  • In today’s competitive marketplace, do you want your business to survive?

If so, write a book that uniquely positions you compared to your competition. A book helps communicate a business message in a way that makes the target client want to seek you out and hire you. When a book clearly and consistently communicates how well you understand your client’s pain points, and exemplifies the solutions they need, that’s how to gain credibility in a crowded and complicated marketplace.

This Q and A process is not limited to people with a business passion. Do you have a more personal story to tell that you are passionate about sharing because it will help inspire, motivate, or otherwise help people? How do you want to do that? How do you grow a business of helping people if they don’t even know you and your story exists? That’s where writing a book comes in to play.

Writing a book is the perfect platform for sharing your story

Basically, if you want more for your business and your life, then communicating your message through the written word, in a book, is a must.

Once you decide writing a book to communicate your business’ or life’s passion is the way to proceed, then get started. Any delay costs customers and pushes your ultimate success further away.

Other top achieving businesses are communicating unique expertise in a book. If it’s a well thought out, well planned, well written, and well produced book, it will lead to more business.

You might say: “Wow, that’s a lot of ifs!”

Yes, it is. The way to address all of these “if” elements is to make sure you don’t lose your story passion in the writing process. Start with understanding who you are in relationship to your competition. Know how to tell potential clients what makes you special? What makes you the one? The one to do business with. The one to hire for that speaking event. The one to provide the solutions sought.

Remember, when you write your book, it needs to present you in the best possible way. It must make a great first impression. Much like when you prep and dress for a first date, your book must present you at the top of your game in every way.

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