Book Writing Business Workshop

No matter where you are on your book writing or business journey, this workshop will help boost your business success with steps toward writing a professional, top quality book.

Join Arlene Gale, international-award winning, best-selling author, and The Book Writing Business Coach, for a powerful, hands-on workshop. 

Come with your book writing hopes and dreams, and leave with a tangible writing action plan! This book writing workshop is designed for all levels of professionals from someone who wants to write a tip booklet to showcase their expertise or someone who wants to write a professional bestseller.

This 2-day interactive and fun workshop will keep you engaged. During the workshop, you will receive easy-to-follow worksheets,... Read More

Get to the Business of Writing Your Book! – 2 Day Workshop

2-Day “Deep Dive Book Writing Workshop” event. Create a foundational strategic plan for how your book will be marketed now so it will sell once published, which also impacts book content. Learn tools, tips, and tricks to make book writing easier with a step-by-step process Also, begin outlining your... Read More

Highly Paid Expert Workshop

Three days of training for business experts on how to take business to the next level. Arlene will be on the main stage talking about the different kinds of book formats and how each can be sued to build business. Discussion will include books such as the Big Best Seller, marketing mini book, and web-site based marketing... Read More

Permian Basin Writers Conference

Arlene was hired to lead two 90-minute workshops:

1) The How-To Book Writing Success Formula for Writing a Powerful and Profitable Nonfiction and 2) How to Write and Use Web-Based Books to Build Business, an E-mail List, and a Fan... Read More

“Women of Influence” Conference

Speaking about how to use different book formats to build business and open doors to access more: credibility, the right clients, media, and... Read More

“Beef Up Your Business” Collaboration Forum

Full day events where professional business experts provide insight and small group training to entrepreneurs.

Subject is book writing and why every business expert needs a business building credibility piece like a book to grow client connections, media access, and profits. Difference between Big Best Sellers, Marketing Mini Books, and web-site based marketing... Read More

American Business Women Association North Texas

Speak at the American Business Women Association North Texas meeting.

Subject: Benefits of using a web-based book as a marketing tool to turn cold calls into hot leads and build a mail list your business owns and... Read More

NSA 2018 Convention – Speaker

Arlene was selected to speak at the National Speakers’ Association (NSA) national conference on the subject of “Authorship” as part of a Triple Threat Session. Main subject: “Biggest Mistakes Authors Make.” Topic focus is how to develop a strategic plan before writing a book in order to create it as a sellable business-building credibility... Read More

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