Fannie Hurst, who?

Happy birthday, Fannie Hurst!

Fannie Hurst, who? She is an American author who was also a feminist and civil rights activist who was popular during the post-World War 1 era.

From 1910 until the 1940, she wrote 17 novels and 9 volumes that included 300 short stories. She had more than 30 pieces turned into full length movies.

It’s reported that newspapers of the time called Fannie Hurst the “Highest Paid Short Story Writer in the World.” She was one of the richest self-made women in the United States who left a million dollars to each of two universities for hiring professors in creative literature. Most if her writings are no longer in print for purchase, but can be found in college libraries.

Fannie Hurst wrote about civil rights issues that were way ahead of her time. She wrote to change or open minds. She wrote to make an impact on the world. She wrote without fear. I work with people to write their stories, either professional or personal stories, with the goal of helping to change lives and minds, just like Fannie Hurst did. I encourage them to write without fear and dare to write something that will stand the test of time.

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