Happy National Day of Encouragement

Sept. 10 — National Day of Encouragement is dedicated to uplifting people around us personally and professionally, and making a positive impact in our world, in our way. Let’s make a goal to be shining examples of how we are better together.

Do you need encouragement? Do you know someone who needs encouragement? Someone who needs to feel like they are seen and heard, or like they and their stories matter? Share this post.

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Plan deliberate acts of encouragement for reassurance and inspiration, today and every day. It will make you and the other person feel great! Something as simple as a high five for someone who did a great job makes an impression. Take notice of a friend or coworker working on a big goal, encouraging the forward progress. Send a “thinking of you” card, text, or email.

How did this National Day of Encouragement come about? Believe it or not there is an Encouragement Foundation at Harding University in Arkansas. This idea is theirs. It was first launched in 2007 statewide by the Governor of Arkansas and President George W. Bush who made it the official National Day of Encouragement.

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