How can I learn to enjoy writing?

It surprises me that some people really don’t like to write, because I love to write and it comes easily to me. But I’ve also noticed some people don’t like working with numbers, others don’t like building things, and some shouldn’t sing in public. I have a real passion for writing, but don’t like to do or can’t do any of these other things, and a lot of other things, too. I’m really okay with that!

It takes all different talents and passions to make the world function well. And while we each may have a unique and valuable story to tell and message to share, it doesn’t mean everyone has the skills to do so.

In school where we are/were “forced” to write research papers on topics not of our choosing, it’s hard to find or nurture a love of writing. Writing for a grade doesn’t necessarily motivate or inspire creativity. Writing on a deadline doesn’t make words flow with real quality either.

People I meet say, “I’ve been beating my head against a wall for the past year and I still can’t make myself sit down to write this book.”

Often people who really want to write a book “confess” to having a real hatred of writing. “Any ideas on how I can learn to enjoy writing?” I’m asked.

“Well, yes, actually I do because that’s what I do: Writing.”

Passion used in this way is defined as: “A strong feeling of enthusiasm, excitement, strong fondness for or about doing something,” which in my case is writing and creating books.

After letting the other person who is speaking to me vent and release all the pent-up negativity, a deep sigh follows with “that look” pleading for wisdom, for a light bulb, so I give it to them: “It’s possible that you’re trying to write the wrong book!” – OR – “You’re writing the wrong part of your story.” – OR – “You need to organize the book differently.”

It is my professional opinion that writing a story should come from the heart, should emanate easily for the most part. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nonfiction or fiction book, the story won’t allow itself to be forced out and be of any usable quality. Writing a story is like putting your heart on the page, not just words.

Therefore, the answer to how to find a passion for writing is to find the story to write that stems from passion or produces passion for the project.

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Other suggestions from The Book Writing Business Coach

  • Break the book into smaller pieces and try writing one of the pieces that interests you most, makes you want to write it. Writing a book doesn’t always have to start at the beginning.
  • If writing about a system or process, start writing about one step. Make a list of the pros and cons of doing or not doing it.
  • Write a character’s life story. This may not all go in the book, but it will help move the author off dead center.
  • Write a short story from beginning to end and then go back later and start expanding different parts until it grows into something you feel finished with.
  • Be comfortable not being good at writing. There are other things you are great at successfully completing. Do those things that make you an expert and get help writing and producing your sellable book from a trained professional writing coach.

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