Introducing New Blog Topic

Starting in September I’m going to teach how to write social media content to feature your business and your brand using a variety of tools, tips, and techniques. I’ll use examples in each blog post that fit my brand, provide information, and build connections to plant seeds of encouragement and credibility for you about how to use these techniques to build your following, too.

Why does the quality of your social media content matter to you and your business? More than 90 percent of people buy products and services based on emotional connections, not on sales pitches. No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” And this philosophy matters in business building, too. As I travel around the world and present workshops, one of the most in-demand topics is how to write social media content that is not all about sell, sell, sell, but rather focuses on relationship building and social marketing.

Please subscribe to learn how to increase the value and reach with your written content. Once you subscribe to the blog posts on my website, you can provide feedback and interaction on a business topic you’d like to learn how to write more interesting and valuable content that relates to your expertise. This is a rare opportunity to get my feedback and free coaching on one post via social media.

Introducing New Blog Topic

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