"Negotiate in Good Faith" – really?

Conversation starter: An issue came up in my community where appointed committee members say, “We negotiated in good faith!” Yes, based on data provided to them, the leadership direction/agenda provided, they probably did.

If a person is given a task that impacts public spending and/or trust, is there or should there be an expectation that “negotiating in good faith,” means making decisions based on data and information gathered beyond what others (who are invested in the outcome) say is true or not true?

Does “negotiating in good faith” mean a person is not accountable for negative end results? (This is not for ranting on political parties or specific political events. It’s more of a personal or professional ethics exercise. Be nice or the post will be removed.) #BookWritingBusiness #WriteYourBook #BusinessWriting #Marketing #ProfessionalEthics

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