Book Writing Topics

The How-To Book Writing Success Formula

Your Expertise + Your Book = Increased Growth & Income

Learn how accelerated business growth expands by communicating unique expert abilities and experiences in your own book. Discover how to create momentum for business expansion, brand reinvention, professional credibility, and free media exposure by writing and publishing a top quality book.

It doesn’t matter if you never thought about writing a book before today or you considered the idea to write one for awhile — this informative presentation provides the step-by-step formula for writing a book from start to finish.

Learn how to:

  • Focus on a proven step-by-step model to complete a high quality book from start to finish
  • Market your book successfully by fine tuning your message for optimum success
  • Build credibility and authority to expand your expertise in the marketplace
  • Open doors to abundant business opportunities

Powerful Tips & Tools of the Trade

How to Write and Publish an Award Winning Book

Discover how self-publishing allowed a million books to hit the marketplace last year. Learn why about two-thirds never sold more than a handful of copies. Acquire the tools and tricks of the trade these authors didn’t know, understand, or do properly so you can become a successful author.

This make it or break it book writing formula begins and ends with a focus of putting your name on a top quality finished product. This information-rich presentation focuses on taking an inventory of writing skills, understanding the importance of market research, working with an accountability partner, and acquiring professional editing, cover design, and interior design services.

Learn how:

  • A top-quality book shines the light of credibility and expertise to open doors for new opportunities
  • Marketing is the primary tool to avoid the “just get a bigger hammer” approach to selling a book
  • The “ASAPs of the book writing process” apply to success
  • To use different resources to take a book from start-to-finish, step-by-step 

How to Create a Roadmap to Success with a Book Marketing Plan

Gearing Up for Your Bestseller Campaign

Learn why writing and producing a top-quality book is essential to your business plan success strategy no matter what business you’re in. Book achievements are based on communicating a powerful, unique message, and positioning it properly to get the attention of customers, peers, media, and others. Discover how all of these tie into your book marketing action plan.

Discuss the process for marketing your expertise through a book and how it all fits into gearing up for a best-seller campaign. Determine the value of writing press releases and information for finding or creating book-centered marketing events. 

Learn how to:

  • Lay the groundwork for a best-seller campaign
  • Analyze the proper market niche for your book 
  • Create a writing and publishing process strategic plan
  • Develop a successful press kit and other marketing materials

Arlene is a great communicator! Her delivery and presentation were funny, captivating and poignant. I appreciated every word of her presentation on the differences in communication styles. In business (and in life) it is important to understand how we communicate and learn to adjust our communication style to match the audience. I look forward to hearing more from Arlene in the future. As a matter of fact, I just hired her as the featured speaker at my next event.
– R. Lykins, Women’s Legacy Conference attendee & Rejuvenation at Sea Conference Coordinator

Arlene Gale blends the passion of life and professional experiences with the humor of a joyful heart. Along with an impressive knowledge of her writing subject matter, she possesses the organizational and delivery skills required to hold an audience’s attention, yet remains on topic…and on time. I enthusiastically recommend Arlene Gale for your next event! I can’t wait to get her back here to speak to us again.
– Timothy Lewis, West Texas A&M University Writers Academy, Event Co-Host and Best Selling Author

I put Arlene through a very rigorous vetting process and her patience was incredible. I then hired Arlene to speak at our conference and she came fully prepared in knowledge of the subject and materials for her three writing sessions. Her session attendance was the highest in the conference. She was very well received. Arlene remained available to attendees after the sessions to answer questions throughout the conference. When I host my next conference, Arlene will be one of the first people I turn to for my speaker line up. I endorse her totally and without reservation.
– Tony LoPresti, President OWFI