Business Writing Topics

Write a Book to Book More Business

Writing a book is one of the fastest ways to build credibility and grow business. Writing a book as a business-building marketing tool opens up the business to more: credibility, clients, speaking opportunities, media, and profits.  

Learn To:

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes writers make that transform a book from one that is merely written and published to a book that is powerful and profitable.
  • Use different book platforms, sizes, word counts, and more that make the difference between a mini-marketing book and a Big Best Seller.
  • Create a book with the proper word count and page length required to generate media buzz and attention.
  • Prepare for different publishing options that go beyond the “traditional” and “self” publishing avenues most people know.
  • Understand the myths surrounding the book-writing business.

Use a Website and Web-Based Book to Build a Loyal and Engaged Client Base

This business-building presentation stresses the importance of a website and what key elements help build business connections and reach. Learn how to take advantage of technology and create a website-based book to build a client database. Discover why a web-based book is a must-have to develop powerful online exposure and redirect social media following.

Learn To:

  • Make each page of your website powerful and unique by knowing the key differences between each page’s marketing goal, function, and purpose.
  • Build a powerful marketing funnel and a strong following for your business.
  • Develop a business mailing list and use it to leverage current and future sales.
  • Create a step-by-step marketing plan to create business momentum and credibility.

An Online Presence is a MUST for All Businesses

Most people know an online presence is necessary to grow business reach and profits, but few understand how to create consistent content in a way that builds relationships — and then sales. Instead most business posts are targeted to sell, sell, sell, which is often a turn off to potential client.

Learn To:

  • Create consistent written content that engages, educates, and maybe even entertains potential clients before sales can occur.
  • Find ideas for creating written content from other online sources, connections, experts, and more.
  • Focus on building a business message that is about relationships and trust.
  • Avoid the biggest mistake of sell, sell, sell and what the “secret” formula is.

Business Networking 

Most business people understand face-to-face networking can be a great way to develop business relationships with potential clients, joint venture partners, and more.  But many professionals don’t understand how they may be investing a lot of time, money, and energy, but sabotaging the networking efforts.

Learn To:

  • Find the proper networking groups to fit your business goals.
  • Find out how to use and read body language and physical proximity to others in networking meetings.
  • Benefit from strategies for trading business cards.
  • Avoid the biggest mistake networkers make.
  • Find the boundaries of conversation topics in a business networking setting.