Business Writing and Marketing Topics

When Arlene speaks for a business conference or other event, she wants to know (and will research to learn) about who the audience is and what information or insight they need most from her. Arlene also makes sure that these are not just lecture events, but that attendees get something tangible and actionable to take back to the office to improve their business in some way. If your event has a specific theme, Arlene will work to make sure that theme is carried out in her presentation as well. The following are examples of Arlene’s business topics. She can provide any of these as a keynote, 1-hour, half-day, or full-day workshop.

Business Marketing as Story Telling

A business is a dynamic and growing entity with a story of its own to tell. Marketing a business this way breathes new life into branding and business-building strategies to reach more clients and increase profits.

Learn how to:

  • Tell the business’ story to an external audience that engages those customers in the overall outcome.
  • Share the business’ story with the internal audience so it engages employees into ownership of the customer experience, sell without being sales-y, and more.
  • Engage with clients as a business super hero in the marketplace.
  • Capitalize on marketing using the age old story-telling method of the hero’s journey.
  • Identify the good guys versus bad guys when facing changing market forces.

Write a Book to Book More Business

Writing, marketing, and publishing a Big Best Seller book is one of the most powerful ways to build business credibility and profits. Writing this book as a business-building marketing tool to open up the business to more: credibility, clients, speaking opportunities, media, and profits.

Learn how to:

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes writers make in order to transform a book from one that is merely written and published to a book that is powerful and profitable.
  • Prepare for different publishing options that go beyond the “traditional” and “self” publishing avenues most people know. What are they and how to connect with them.
  • Create a book platform with the proper word count and page length required to generate media buzz and attention.
  • Understand the myths surrounding the book-writing business.
  • Do what it takes to become a “Best Selling Author.”

Don’t Give Too Much Too Fast

There’s a common tendency in business to communicate large chucks of information at a time, and then nothing, until the next download. This strategy is one of catch the customer’s attention and then try to keep communicating to keep it. This is an old school process. The message gets lost over a period of time when engagement will drop off for a single exposure. Then the business often feels like there is nothing left to say for a long period of time. But effective marketing is best spooned out in small doses and in regular intervals.

Learn how to:

  • Take a long or complicated message with a lot of valuable content and create multiple touch points with it.
  • Create a work smarter not harder marketing communication plan.
  • Create a short message strategy (video and written) for more engaging marketing reach and consistency rather than drawn out pontificating.
  • Create and maintain a social media presence with snippets and cliff hangers, instead of single, longer sessions, done inconsistently.
  • Build customer connections and make sales without being sales-y.

Create Clear, Consistent, Creative Marketing Content to Build Business

Create an online presence that builds a client base for marketing online content as an effective business-building tool on the most efficient platforms that are the best fit for a business. How to maximize a website to build a client base, even in business fields where there are legal parameters and multi-level marketing corporate limitations.

Learn how to:

  • Use a website as the business’ online communication hub and why this strategy is key to profits.
  • Maximize use of current technology for interactive business marketing.
  • Correctly define and find the right target market for profitable connections.
  • Create interesting and engaging content for posting consistency based on the demographics and psychographics of the target market.
  • Use the outlets that are best suited for specific businesses and potential clients.

Write, Publish, and Market Different Book Formats to Build Business

Most business people think about writing a Big Best Seller and have heard “everyone should write a book,” but there are several book formats that are powerful and profitable business-building tools. Each format has its place and completes a business library of success. The book formats range from website-based books, mini-marketing books, tip books, mini-best sellers, and Big Best Sellers. If a business is not using any of these formats, but is only relying on social media may get a rude awakening as algorithms constantly change.

Learn how to:

  • Transform social media connections into usable business-owned and managed connections, or risk losing them all.
  • Create and use a website-based book to build a customer contact list. If you have a website and no website-based book, you are not maximizing, and in fact may be losing, customer reach.
  • Create and use a mini-marketing book and tip books to impact potential clients at networking, speaking, and other events.
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes writers make when writing, marketing and publishing their brand-building business book.
  • Use and grow a mini-best seller into a marketing and credibility tool.