Time to Celebrate Firsts for Women

October is time to celebrate these historical firsts for women:

  • In 1976, I was terrified to enter high school as Barbara Walters became the first woman co-anchor of a major network evening news program.
  • In 1983, while I was planning my wedding, Dr. Barbara McClintock received the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
  • In 1984, I was pulling all-nighters studying for finals while Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan was the first U.S. woman astronaut to walk in space during the Space Shuttle Challenger flight.
  • In 1993, I watched in awe, wishing it was me, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the second woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
  • That same year, Toni Morrison became the first African American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. I dreamed I’d being able to write like her someday.

It has taken me years (decades really) to realize that comparing myself to these fabulous, accomplished women is not a good thing. When we compare ourselves to others, we slide down a sometimes dark and helpless slippery slope. We need to embrace the fact that the comparison doesn’t diminish me or improve them. We all have our paths to walk and our unique gifts to use. It’s in being true to ourselves and our gifts that we make a difference. Doing our individual best so the whole rises higher is what matters! Another woman doesn’t have to lose for me to succeed and vice versa.

Ladies, I’d love to know how you feel about this comparison trap. What are you passionate about and what are you doing in your world to make a difference? BookWritingBusiness.com #BookWritingBusiness #WriteYourBook #BusinessWriting #Marketing

I’ll share my calling…

I’ve spent more than a decade mentoring and starting FIRST Lego robotics teams. I created a nonprofit to help fund teams who can’t otherwise get tax deductible corporate donations. I especially love working with the young girls. I also love being a mom who has raised two sons. They will make the world a better place because I loved them, first!

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